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Mobile phones have become a lifeline for North American drivers. According to the Cellular Telephone Industry Association, over 73 million calls have been placed to 911 hotlines from mobile phones each year. AAA manages an extra 14 million calls for emergency roadside assistance in mobile callers.

“Your mobile phone can be viewed as a company or a status symbol, but if you actually need it may function as the most important personal security device,” said John Nielsen, director of AAA’s Approved Auto Repair Network. “Just like a best friend, a mobile phone can be reassuring to people driving; they feel safer just knowing help is within reach”

With the aid of AAA, this aid may include referrals to trusted automobile maintenance and repair companies throughout america and Canada.

This support is a blessing to people travel far from home, or just around town, if accessibility to the nearest reliable repair shop is needed as a result of mechanical difficulty on the street.

For dependable assistance with automobile repairs and maintenance, AAA has recognized a network of authorized repair centers which have new automobile dealerships and independent repair shops. These stores meet AAA’s stringent quality criteria and exhibit AAA’s emblem. A telephone call to 1-800-AAA-HELP or into a regional AAA club telephone number for emergency road service is all that’s needed to discover the closest AAA-approved store.

Calling ahead is always a fantastic idea when organizing for repairs. Find out if the store will be available, if they’ve got the time to work on your car or truck, if the repairs can be completed in a timely fashion and when they have experience working together with the model and make of the car you drive.

Mobile phones and security go together. Yet, to maintain security, AAA suggests that drivers always park off the roadway when using a mobile phone.

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